Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saturday 2/23/13

Beautiful day here in Nashville and I felt back to normal!  Easy jog this morning waiting for it to warm up a bit, then hit the pool for more drills.  I'm reading and watching all the swim videos I can digest.  The plan is to get efficient, then get after it this spring.  Swam 1:20 at IM Wisconsin in 2011 off of maybe seven total swims with a few of those races.  Again, trying to be a triathlete and not play catch up on the bike.

Speaking of bike, I was pulled over this afternoon by a Nolensville police officer for going 42mph in a 30mph zone and Following Too Closely. He did say it's the fastest he'd ever seen a bicycle go and let me off laughing with a warning! It's not following too closely, it's called drafting!

Burger #6 in the 50 Burgers in 50 Different Places Challenge tonight at M.L. Rose Craft Beers and Burgers. Lagunitas IPA on draft!

AM) RUN 3.9 miles, :31 minutes
AM) SWIM 1850m
PM) BIKE 28 miles, 1:33

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