Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday 2.15.12

Early morning run.  Starting to feel in a groove. 

Weight is down to 163 lbs.  I was running 169 lbs. on January 1st.  I think I'm strongest and fastest at around 160 lbs.  Anything under 160 and I feel like I start to lose strength..... and Kat starts calling me "manorexic." Definitely making a conscious effort to eat clean and watch the number of beers in a week.

This afternoon, instead of heading outside for run number 2, I jumped on the office treadmill and did a 4 mile progressive tempo in the middle of 8 miles.  Cut down to just over 6 minute pace and felt great.

AM) RUN #1, 6 miles, :46 minutes
NOON) RUN #2, 8 miles, :57 minutes


Brandon Fuller said...

What's with the 2fers in February?

jameson said...

so when you are "dieting" how many beers are you allowed a week?

J.P. Patrick said...

Brandon, Eugene Marathon on April 29th. Throw down time!

JW, depends on what's been tapped around town and in the fridge, 3-7 range?? Had a Hop Head Red tonight!

brownie said...

Hopefully your new scrawny-ness will get you that 2:50:01 in Eugene!